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MiniMini + Meme competition: results

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Dear Parents, thank you for so many participation in the competition organized by in cooperation with MiniMini +. Your poems, fairy tales and stories were not only interesting, but also fun, informative and in many cases surprising. We had the great pleasure of reading them all with great attention. It was difficult for us to choose the three most interesting, but limited by the number of awards we had, we made the following selection.

Małgorzata Warkowska

Meme sits with notebooks bravely fighting with numbers.
Multiplies, sketches, adds and does not give up at all.
Because he knows the content of the wise proverb: Not difficult for one who wants it!
And besides, he knows what that means no pain, no gain.
If he wants to have Fridays in his diary, he must work a dime a dozen.
To make learning nicer, Meme was tempted by small things.
Now her stomach hurts very much, the little goat is in misery.
Because she ate sweets from overeating now roars.
And he repeats over and over again: what too much is not healthy!
In the end my mother came to the doorstep with a strange expression dumbfounded
Who broke the jug? she asked.
She didn't receive a word of reply, because silence like poppy seed has come!
So who asks not stray the proverb makes sense when someone specifically answers your question!

Przemek Kałuża

Who asks not stray - many doubts,
should snow fall today in spring?
Is a snowman in the spring is a good sign
when do we want to hear the first twitter of the bird?
What too much is not healthy- go away from us!
Let green cover our field and our forest.
the first snowdrops will appear in the garden
and the spring rain will merge the trees
Not difficult for one who wants it- chase winter away!
We will make Marzanna and drown her.
We will arrange a winter farewell
we will welcome spring-blossoming land.
But will it help climate change today,
when sewage, fumes, dirt from the plant
litter the mother of loved nature-
we must learn to overcome this crap!
Silence like poppy seeds- not flying than a fly,
what will happen next - a question for Zucha.
Let's sort the garbage - don't let it bother us
it is ugly to see someone getting dirty somewhere!
No pain, no gain- this is not about bread!
Let's work for nature as we are young.
That in the future bushes and trees
they supplied oxygen wherever needed.

These verses are written morals, stories
are not just for sleeping reasons
but in young heads they make a difference
They will save Mother Nature together!

Monika Płoszaj

Kacperek walked briskly to the playground willing to have fun with the children. However, he did not remember the way, so he stopped at the hollow of the Owl
"Mr. Sowa," says Kacper, "you are so clever, will you tell me a word and show me where the playground is, Mr. Sówko?"
- To the left you will turn here, my kind, there is a very fast stream, you will cross over it with a footbridge. Immediately afterwards go under the colorful fence, go straight where my feather points. - Bowing heartily, the boy continued and the path indicated by Sówka reached the playground. "He who asks does not err- great truth! ”Kacper thinks, then looks around and rubs his eyes in surprise. Sunny and cheerful day, neither the boy nor the parent in the square. Silence like poppy seeds around. He noticed the red Squirrel on the swing
"Beloved squirrel, do you know where all the children have hidden?" The squirrel skewed its head, thought and whispered a bit
-Kacper my dear, children are lying in cots not willing to play. They ate colorful mazurkas and their bellies ached, what too much is not healthy, that's why the square is deserted ... - Kacperek saddened a bit, sighed worriedly, suddenly jumped as if electrocuted
-I know, Squirrel! Have fun with me! I will make you a beautiful baby carrier and hang it around your neck so that we can have fun together in this square! they had fun together!
-You see my friend, someone whispered a word to me that no pain, no gain, and it's good that I remember because we would have missed a lot of fun!
"You are right, Kacper, but remember also." not difficult for one who wants it and even a Squirrel and a boy like you can have fun together!
And so these two beings had a small day marked by great fun.

Congratulations to the winners. We thank all participants and invite you to the next competitions organized on the site.