Why girls are brave but end up being fearful

Why girls are brave but end up being fearful

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Why is it that society tends to think that girls are more fearful? More sensitive? Weaker'? Will the parents themselves make them believe all this?

A study shows that indeed, parents are the ones who teach girls to 'fear' to a world too dangerous for them.

Whoever has a boy and a girl will be able to compare and see if it is true: girls are braver and more 'suffering' than boys, but over time they become more 'scary'. And all, because parents tend to protect girls more. Why?

A study published in Journal of Pediatric Psychology alert about the different way we educate boys and girls: We warn girls from a very young age about the dangers that surround them. We protect them more. And from day one we sent them the subliminal message of 'you will have more risks than your brother'.

According to this study, parents ask their daughters four times more than their sons to be careful: 'Don't get on there, you'll hurt yourself' ... 'Don't hang out with those children, they are very rough' ... 'don't fight with the children who are stronger'.

This hurts girls, because in the end prevent them from facing a series of challenges that will help them develop basic skills. They cannot face their fears and overcome them.

It may seem like an archaic way of educating, but it still exists. When the girl grows up, and begins to go out with her friends, the parents warn her of the dangers that may lie in wait for her out there ...

If you observe girls in their first years of life, you will see that they are not scary at all. What's more, they are braver. They bear pain, frustrations and fears much better. Why not educate them to remain brave? How?

- Don't limit their abilities. If he wants to climb, let him do it. If he wants to jump, don't stop him. It can do just as well as a child, even if it is smaller and seems more fragile to you.

- Don't overprotect her. Don't protect her anymore just because she's a girl. From the beginning he will realize that you think he is 'weaker' than children.

- Don't constantly warn him of danger. Parents hardly notice it, but they constantly send 'beware, it's dangerous' messages to their daughters.

- Let him face the risks. A risk is a challenge, limits that must be overcome. Why do we let the boys and not the girls surpass them? Let both of you face the same challenges.

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