Foods harmful to the child's heart

Foods harmful to the child's heart

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There are foods that due to their composition, they can be harmful to the hearts of our children. The reason is that the arteries that pump blood to the heart can eventually become clogged. Therefore, we must take care of children's nutrition from a very young age.

The nutritionist Paola Andrea Coser explains what the foods are what should we restrict in the diet of our children, since they do not provide them many benefits and can be harmful over time.

There are foods that are detrimental to heart health, such as saturated fat, sugar, and salt. Therefore, the foods that we should avoid giving to our children (as much as possible) are:

- Processed foods or industrialized, due to their high trans fat content.

- Foods with excess sugar.

- Foods with excess salt.

The most damaging foods for the heart of the children would be mainly the bakery or industrial pastry products. Also snack snack products, such as potato chips, and convenience foods, because these are also high in trans fat.

It does not mean that they are foods that we have to stop consuming radically. What is recommended is restrict their consumption, especially in the case of children, and that in the nutritional pyramid they occupy their rightful place: that is, children could take these foods occasionally. What do we mean by occasional consumption? At most, twice a week.

What we should promote in children is the consumption of fruits, nuts and yogurts, versus the consumption of cookies and pastries. The cookies are better if they are homemade, since in this way we can control their composition and add beneficial ingredients such as oats.

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