Why some babies are born with so much hair

Why some babies are born with so much hair

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Most babies are born with little hair. In fact, it is often just a fluff that falls off within a few days. But some newborns really turn heads from day one. They are babies born with hair ... with lots of hair!

It is the case of Junior Cox-Noon, that as soon as he was born, he needed a comb ... So much so that at two months of age, his mane had already transformed into a fun ball of hair shaped like a sweet cotton candy ... Why Could it be that some babies are born with so much hair?

Junior Cox-Noon it is already famous in England. At two months old (actually 9 weeks), he has thousands of followers on the internet. It's not because of her blue eyes, or because of those round cheeks. Obviously, there is something about him that stands out: their hair!

But ... how is it possible? Can a newborn really have that much hair? The answer is yes, although it is not very common. Babies are usually born with less hair, very fine and, in addition, it is not usually the definitive one. That is to say: the fact that a baby has more or less hair at birth does not mean that when he is older he will be more or less bald.

The reason some babies are born with beautiful hair? Once again, genetics. The inheritance in question of the scalp is more than proven (although there are always exceptions). The amount of hair, the color, even the quality of the hair, is usually inherited from the parents (or grandparents).

Race is also decisive. The Andean Indians are the hairiest babies at birth, while the Eskimos are without a doubt the hairiest babies.

But... Will it have nothing to do with the development of the baby during pregnancy? The point is that hair follicles (responsible for 'making' hair) develop until the fifth month of pregnancy. But this hair falls out, practically all at the same time, and towards the eighth month of pregnancy, another, already stronger, grows again, which will not fall again until the baby is 6 months old, more or less. From then on yes, the definitive hair is born.

Many babies are born with cradle cap. This can lead to further hair loss, although it tends to remit, as long as it is not seborrheic dermatitis. In that case, it is preferable to consult a dermatologist.

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