How optimism is transmitted to children

How optimism is transmitted to children

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If I could choose another life, I would like to live my children's. They are the ones who have the best time And now that the Christmas holidays are coming even more, a friend assured me, who at the same time complained about all that she had to unfold so that her children could lead a comfortable, easy, fun, carefree life, without deficiencies and, by far more than they really need.

That altruistic dedication of the parents, that generosity, that dedication to the children to raise them among cottons, that part of the very genesis of our current society is a double-sided coin. Experts consider that we are building glass children, strong but fragile and, in many cases, it is missed that the Boomerang From the relationship between parents and children take the path back to parents loaded with the love, respect and recognition that only a child can offer his father as the most precious treasure in life.

The people who don't get that positive response are, in most cases, the ones who are looking forward to Christmas before it arrives. And it is that Christmas is a beautiful date for tenderness, for affection, to put hours in the kitchen, to enjoy long and relaxed gatherings, to read that book that you feel like and never have time, and to have moments of solitude with yourself.

Taking advantage of this time of year to have your loved ones close, to strengthen ties that serve to feed back relationships, smooth things over and forget about conflicts could well be our goal this year. In this sense runs the message that the writer and psychologist Javier Urra wanted to transmit to parents this Christmas.

In an exclusive interview to our siteUrra recommends' to all families, be they traditional, single-parent or reconstituted, that since there is no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow, they live today and convey affection. If they have separated, if there are big problems, they should try not to ruminate on negative ideas and understand that the children are not the culprits. Children must be taught, and therefore adults, to know how to handle rupture, uncertainty and conflict. '

By putting these ideas into practice, parents can also have a great time this Christmas, even better than our children. From the perspective of experience and maturity, we know that when we sow, we reap, and that the essence of happiness lies in simple emotions. Today, as Javier Urra has declared, "optimism is an ethical obligation."

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