Girls inherit emotional intelligence from mothers

Girls inherit emotional intelligence from mothers

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We may think that emotions have to do with the heart. Nothing is further from reality. Emotions are processed in an area of ​​the brain: the so-called corticolimbic system. It sounds weird, yes, but it is important. Very important.

Now, scientists from the prestigious Stanford University, they have just found enough evidence that this part is highly hereditary between mothers and daughters. Hence, emotional illnesses such as depression are also hereditary (in part).

For this research, a large number of neuroscientists scanned the brains of 35 mothers and daughters. In the corticolimbic system, the one in charge of managing emotions, the amygdala, the hippocampus, the anterior cingulate cortex and the centromedial prefrontal cortex work. The results were amazing: the 'emotional morphology' of the mothers and daughters who participated in the research were very similar.

The brains of the parents were then studied. There were no similarities in the emotional field with that of the daughters. That is to say: men do not transmit emotional intelligence to their children in a relevant way.

The study went further: the 'inheritance of emotions' was much higher between mothers and daughters than between mothers and sons.

It is the daughters who will resemble their mothers in their emotional responses. If a mother knows how to manage emotions correctly, her daughter will surely do the same. On the contrary, if a mother is prone to emotional problems and even diseases such as affective dependence or depression, the daughters may be more predisposed to have this problem.

How we manage emotions will depend on how we relate to others. And how we relate to others will largely depend on our success ... and yes ... our happiness.

- They will learn to be assertive: Emotional equilibrium undoubtedly helps to be assertive, to find that right balance between passivity and complacency and arrogance and imposition.

- They will learn to solve conflicts: Controlling emotions helps them find a solution to a problem. Before losing their temper, they will reason and seek the best solution.

Emotional intelligence is a fundamental pillar in children's learning. And yes, part is given in the genes. But scientists remember that babies are born with many neurons but few neuronal connections. These will be formed according to the experiences lived. That is to say: the most important thing in the end is to provide positive emotional experiences in the first years of the child's life. Emotional responses can always be shaped.

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