Can yogurt be mixed with fruits in the children's diet?

Can yogurt be mixed with fruits in the children's diet?

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Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, water and fiberThey are foods that should be present throughout the day, in addition, fruits help maintain the acid-base balance of the body by neutralizing excess acidity.

Yogurt is rich in proteins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, B complex vitamins and vitamin D, help the growth and strengthening of bones and strengthen defenses. Those who suffer from lactose intolerance usually tolerate its consumption.

But can both be mixed in the diet of children?

- High fiber intake is known to inhibit calcium absorption, and while fruits do contain fiber it is not worrisome enough so as not to combine fruits with yogurt and that children enjoy a delicious snack.

- There are recommendations not to mix acidic fruits with other foods and that it is ideal to consume it alone, the acidifying or alkalizing characteristic of a food does not have to do with its acidic taste when ingested but with the way it is metabolized by the organism.

- Fruits contain salts such as potassium and magnesium and are alkalizing because they neutralize an acidic environment.

- The fruits provide fiber, vitamins and minerals that help the child's growth.

- Yogurts contain proteins and fats that provide energy.

- Both yogurt and fruit turn out to be a excellent combination for snacks or breakfasts.

- They are easily digestible foods.

- Usually, yogurts and fruits are well accepted by children for its sweet taste and for the many combinations of flavors and preparations that can be made.

- Yogurt can be included from 6 or 7 months, using yogurt with milk to follow and mix with fruits, for example you can make a ½ banana mash with grated apple and add the yogurt, for older children a smoothie of banana, with yogurt, milk and orange juice.

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