Autumn tale for children. The chestnut tree

Autumn tale for children. The chestnut tree

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Once upon a time, there was a brunette named Tana and she was very good. The children loved her very much because when they did not have money, the chestnut tree gave them chestnuts and because she knew how to explain some wonderful stories. When Tana told them a story, they closed their eyes and everything seemed real.

Tana looked forward to the arrival of autumn, when the leaves on the trees turn gold, the wind blows strong and the leaves dance wildly in the fields. Then Tana would dress like a chestnut: with a flared skirt, a fitted blouse and a headscarf. He would sit in his chair and start roasting chestnuts.

He roasted them slowly leaving a delicious smell around them.

- Chestnuts, roasted chestnuts - yelled Tana

At dusk, when the cold began to be more intense, he would return home, and prepare the chestnuts for the next day.

Tana waited impatiently for All Saints' Day because at that time she sold a lot of chestnuts, but a few days before the party a strange lady with an angry face entered Tana's house. She was another brunette, a sad and moody lady who was envious of Tana because children did not buy her chestnuts or offer her their smiles. The chestnut tree stole all the chestnuts from Tana and ran away.

Tana was very sad, she cried and cried until she fell asleep. The next day, the children on their way to school went to buy chestnuts, and not seeing Tana, they ran to her house. They found her crying and freezing to death. When they found out about what had happened, they broke his piggy banks, collected the money and bought a whole sack of chestnuts from him.

She excitedly told them -You are the most wonderful children in the world.

Meanwhile, the envious brunette was roasting the stolen chestnuts, which began to jump and explode making a horrible noise.

- This is a punishment for having roasted chestnuts and being envious-She told herself and went to ask Tana for forgiveness, who forgave her and from then on they were good friends. The children then decided to buy the chestnuts from her as well and share her smiles and since then she has never been sad.


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