Non-spill mug "Anywayup" Haberman for Canpol Babies

Non-spill mug "Anywayup" Haberman for Canpol Babies

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At first glance, an ordinary mug. Paradoxically, however, this is what is special about it. The mug is not perfect, but undoubtedly very good. It can be purchased for just over PLN 10, i.e. at an attractive price and in several intense colors to choose from. On the manufacturer's website we can read that:

"Haberman for Canpol babies is a collection of non-spill cups designed by an English mother Mandy Haberman, inventor of the first non-slip. "

The basic advantages are:

  • simple design: the mug consists of two parts: a lid and a container, there are no "movable" valves, elements that fall off and often inadequately sticky cause leakage
  • easy assembly of two parts: push-fit
  • comfortable handles to grip the cup
  • hard mouthpiece for older children (over 12 months - the safest for children over 18 months - requires quite a lot of effort while drinking)
  • good price,
  • interesting colors
  • light,
  • also suitable for use as a "regular" cup,
  • 250ml capacity


  • the basic minus is the lack of a mouthpiece cover,
  • the base slides on the table,
  • a removable lid for older children can be "too interesting" and encourage you to disassemble the cup.

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