A small child snoring? Don't underestimate!

A small child snoring? Don't underestimate!

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A snoring little child is a cause for concern. Specialists recommend action instead of passively waiting for the moment when the toddler grows out of it. Otherwise, one must take into account the disturbances in brain development and behaviors that are often difficult to accept for the environment.

The biggest problem with snoring is the degradation of sleep quality. The toddler gets up and is not rested. This may result in hyperactivity in subsequent years. Such conclusions were made after a study in the UK and published in the letter Pediatrics.

The study group was large, hence the results seem reliable and give the right to the conclusions reached by scientists. As many as 11,000 children were monitored. The coordinating doctor estimated that from 40-100% of children with future snoring problems in the future may have neurobehavioral disorders, including ADHD, during the first seven years of life.

What do the statistics look like? It is estimated that 4% of children experience apnea at night and 10% snore.

Snoring can have various causes (e.g. hypertrophied third tonsil). It is worth going to a specialist each time after diagnosis.