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Big Little Tickes slide

Big Little Tickes slide

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A playground without a slide is not even half as interesting as with this simple toy. There are many models of plastic slides on the market that are ideal for home gardens or plots. Among them is the product of the well-known brand Little Tickes, producing toys since 1970. How does it work in practice?

The basic pros are:

  • good stability at low weight,
  • easy transfer from place to place,
  • three comfortable steps,
  • careful, solid performance,
  • good profiling, thanks to which a mattress or other protection is unnecessary
  • product easy to clean,
  • high resistance to scratches and damage,
  • resistance to sunlight,
  • easy to assemble (consists of two parts).

The only minus: it's availability in one color version.

Price: 230 PLN.