Phenomenon learning or how to teach children without subjects

Phenomenon learning or how to teach children without subjects

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In some schools the educational method known as phenomenon learning. It is a totally opposite system to traditional classes where you still work with subjects, subjects and exams.

This project is committed to working through projects, they allow to acquire isolated knowledge on different subjects and the student has a much more active role.

The phenomenon learning system is being implemented in Finnish schools, whose educational model is considered one of the best in the world. But what does it consist of? If traditional education is divided into subjects, what this new methodology does is that:

- Education is organized by projects and research works: Instead of going to math or science class, children learn more actively, participating in the planning, research and evaluation process.

- The students they can choose a topic of their interest and develop it with the help of their teachersIn other words, children become active creators and actors.

- Learning is not based on memorization but its objective is to real understanding.

- Teachers will no longer limit themselves to giving lectures and will become more mentors to students.

- Teaching is not based on theory, the practice takes on a great role.

- The understanding of what is being studied is essential and for this it is essential ask questions or pose problems. It is about the students jointly constructing the answers to these questions, such as why an airplane flies.

- The starting point of phenomenon learning is constructivismIn other words, students are seen as builders of knowledge from small pieces of information. For example, the student has to reinvent the wheel, for this they can use the information and tools that other cultures have transmitted.

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