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Multifunctional 3-in-1 play mat Canpol Rainbow Meadow

Multifunctional 3-in-1 play mat Canpol Rainbow Meadow

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The mat is one of the first baby toys. Considered by many to be most important and practical. You can lay your baby down calmly, prepare dinner, for example, and your little one can have some fun alone.

There are many mats on the market, you don't know which one to choose. My son had a few, but he liked the one the most. We received the rainbow meadow mat for testing from Canpol when his son was 9 months old. I was afraid it would be too big for her, but I was wrong. As soon as he saw her, he was charmed, and so was he - the colors were beating the eyes and we both watched her curiously. For a moment I felt like a fairy tale, and my son had a job for at least an hour.

The mat, as suggested by the manufacturer, has elements stimulating the development of child's visual-hearing-movement coordination. And this is how it is, lying on the mat, you can observe a hanging mirror in the shape of a flower, a plush mushroom with a squeaker, a bee and a ball with a bell. On the mat you will find a lot of attractions for the little explorer: a star hidden under foil, a flower that can be grabbed by the handles, a mirror and nice animals sewn on the mat.

Another advantage of the mat is its dimensions:

  • in the form of a mat 90/120 cm
  • in the form of a pen 51 / 73cm.

I have been dating so far small matson which a six-month-old child simply has limited mobility. This, however, surprised me pleasantly, because even a one-year-old child can lie down on it peacefully. For comparison, the latest mat Canpol Jungle (above) (dimensions 88/88 cm), although it has many interactive elements, it cannot be matched by Rainbow Meadow: in dimensions, thickness, colors and functionality.

Tigger Mat (above), dimensions 60/97 cm, can no longer compete with my favorite. At most, it will be used by the child in the first half of the year, then it will be simply too small. I don't see other functions that could be useful while playing with an older child. Unless to treat the mat as a rug for a children's room.

Happy Farm mat (above) combines the functions of a mat and a pen, its diameter is 98 cm. The mat, however, does not have the function of a cot cover, thick insulation, and the colors are much less intense than those used in Rainbow Meadow.

The "Rainbow Meadow" mat remained very much solidly made and what surprised me is very thick like a quilt. You don't have to worry about your child getting cold, even on the kitchen tiles. The mat can be made with sewn in Velcro straps and also a playpen, which will calmly protect the child from rolling, which further raises safety of young children - However, it will only work for the first few months, larger children may have too tight in the playpen. The third function of the mat is the cot cover. A very useful function, especially if the child is already too big to play on the mat, and it makes no sense to store a useless product in the closet. The mat protects the head against blows and additionally warms the cot. One of the biggest advantages of the mat is the possibility of washing it in a washing machine, which is very useful with a drooling and frolicking baby.
The price of the mat is 120-160 PLN. The product is generally available on websites or in children's stores.

Cons ... well, they are probably everywhere, but they are few. As for the mat itself the colors are really beautiful, but they are quite bright and the product needs to be washed frequently, in addition, the applications of animals on the mat and rattles were made of soft velor, which unfortunately attracts all powders, which makes the mat appear dirty. As for the playpen - its downside is the low stability, it is so soft that it starts the toddler sitting stage is unable to lean on it. However, looking closer to the cot protector he is a bit too short and he could have extra strings to attach it to the rung, although without them you can use the mats as intended.


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