Game to teach children to write an essay

Game to teach children to write an essay

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Nothing better for children to learn to write correctly than using a game. For example, this. Is named 'The talkative reporters'. It is entertaining and very educational. Do you want to learn to play?

For the game we will need:

- Pens, pencils or markers.

- Color paints.

- Folios.

- Large or medium size cards.

(The game will be supervised by a teacher or an adult who will act as editor-in-chief).

1. The first, we will explain, that a reporter is a journalist who prepares reports or reports a news from the place where it occurs.

2. The editor-in-chief is the main person in charge of the writing team of a publication such as a newspaper or magazine and in this case, he will be in charge of proposing the topics to be written about and the main person responsible for ensuring that the publications turn out well.

3. It will be the reporters who will have to agree to share the topics proposed by the editor-in-chief and find a name for the newspaper, (in this case it can be done by voting).

4. The editor in chief may propose, for example, to write on the following topics:

- Television.

- Radio.

- Cinema.

- Theater.

- America.

- Europe.

- Africa.

- Asia.

- Greece.

- Rome.

- Egypt.

- Spain.

5. All redactions They will have to carry three words that can also be chosen by the editor-in-chief (or by themselves).

6. Topics will be accessible to children and they will have the days that the editor-in-chief estimates to be able to develop the report according to its complexity. It is a research work and it will be necessary to have time, tranquility, concentration, reviews and consultations before submitting it to the newsroom. We will try to work on all the proposed topics. If the group is larger, more topics will be proposed so that none are repeated.

To do the writing they will take into account:

- Idea of ​​the main theme.

- Order of ideas.

- Clarity in the presentation of the message.

- Organization of the text.

Once the redactions are done, they must invent and color a drawing to accompany the theme of your report and make it more relevant.

All the work of the talkative reporters will be signed with their names and surnames and will be pasted on the cards (they can do it themselves), once they have been reviewed by the editor-in-chief. It will be essential that the works are written without spelling mistakes and with good handwriting for their publication.

Once the newspaper is made, each reporter will read aloud a piece of writing, it may be that of another colleague. The best writing (chosen by themselves by voting) will win the Pulitzer Prize, an international prize awarded to the best journalists.

The writing that wins the Putlizer award will appear on the first page as the front page of the newspaper (which will have been previously reserved for it).

Spelling, handwriting, brevity in exposition and clarity of message will be taken into account. If the essays are entertaining and fun everyone will have a good time.

With this game we will achieve several objectives:

- Development of creativity and own style.

- Capacity for organize ideas.

- Concentration to make a good presentation in the newsroom.

- To be critical and respectful of the opinion of the majority.

- To work individually and as a team

- Effort to avoid spelling mistakes.

- Effort to do good handwriting.

- Learn to summarize.

- The importance of knowing how to relate text to image.

- Learn to listen to your partner and reach an agreement when choosing the topics and the name of the newspaper.

And they will have a great time immersed in their role as great talkative reporters.

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