Friends in childhood

Friends in childhood

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Why are childhood friends so important? People make friends throughout life, however, those friends we had as children they have a very special place in our memory.

Children create a very special connection and attachment with their friends. They are mirrors in which they can look at themselves, a way of learning and knowing other ways of seeing and doing things and they live situations very similar to theirs.

On our site we have selected several articles about children's friends: what is friendship for them, what happens when their friendships do not suit them, children who have imaginary friends ... Everything you need to know about friends in childhood.

The first friends. The first years of life are essential for the socialization of children. The child is discovering the value of friendship, little by little, through the stages of his life. Over the years they discover that having a friend is having a treasure.

Teach children what friendship is. Can you teach friendship to your children? It can and must, because it is a value that will bring them great benefits. And it is that education in values ​​begins with the example, by what parents transmit through their experiences, experiences, and actions, to their children.

Imaginary friends. The stage of imaginary friends begins at 2 or 3 years of age. Superheroes, ghosts, fairies and other 'friends' will help children to grow and develop their emotions and creativity. It will help them express their fears, their joys, their concerns, and their deepest desires.

When you don't like your son's friends. It is important to know the friendships of our children and, above all, to assess whether they are positive for our children. Friends are a very big influence in the child's life, so we have to be aware of who they are and what their friends are like.

What is a friend for a child. A friend can be many different things. Children gradually learn the concept of friendship. A friend for a young child is someone they like to play with. But when they get older, friendships get complicated.

The first childhood friend. The first childhood friend is never forgotten. The first childhood friends are part of us forever. The value of friendship is born with them and we learn a lot from those first friends.

Children and their friends in early childhood education. When children are young and are still in Early Childhood Education or in kindergarten, a friend is the one they play with at recess. Children do not need more bonds or a deeper relationship with their peers.

School friends. When school friends exert good and bad influences on our son. How to control the friendships our son makes at school.

Sleeping at a friend's house. The child goes to sleep at a friend's house. Parents' reactions to the first time their child sleeps at a friend's house. What care must be taken and what limits must be established.

What do we learn from friends. The first friends leave us an indelible mark. Thanks to them we learn complex values ​​such as justice, commitment or generosity. We list only some of the things we learn from our first childhood friends.

Help the child make friends. Fostering friendship between children from a very young age will help them grow emotionally, agree, negotiate and relate. Children need that boost to make friends with other children beyond school. These relationships will change with age and we can learn to understand and nurture them.

Be a friend of the children? Can we or should we be friends with our children? Doctor Estivill assures that the friendship between parents and children does not work. For him, parents should behave like parents, never like friends. In this video, you can learn why parents should never lose the role of parents.

The only friend. What if our son only has one friend. The only friend. There are children who find it more difficult to make friends. Is it bad that children only have one friend?

Games that promote friendship. Through games, children can foster the value of friendship, learn to make friends, take care of them, put themselves in their place and understand them. Your children and their friends will have a great time with these children's games of a lifetime. They are activities that can be done anywhere.

Friends in childhood. On our site we tell you why it is so important in childhood that children learn to relate in a healthy way with their peers, how to help them in this process, what to do if their friends do not suit them and how to detect if they have problems with social skills .

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