Babies born with an umbilical cord loop

Babies born with an umbilical cord loop

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The other day my little boy asked me to tell him again about the day he was born, what happened and how everything happened. This is how I remembered that intense day, a long weekend Saturday, the day that was due.

I arrived at the maternity ward where I was going to give birth for routine monitoring and was greeted by a young doctor, who was preparing to perform a routine test on a pregnant woman. My baby had the cord around his neck and was in fetal distress.

But the monitoring did not turn out to be routine and I still remember his scared face when he detected that my baby's heart was not beating as it should and he was suffering from fetal distress. Scared, he told us what was happening and that he was going to call my gynecologist to prepare an emergency cesarean section. During the monitoring, I was lying on the stretcher on my back, I turned on my side and asked him to try to take the same data, but in the other position. On the other hand, the monitoring results were normal, so what happened?

Upon arrival, my gynecologist performed an ultrasound and on the screen my son could be seen with a loop of the umbilical cord around his neck. That was it, almost nothing or almost everything. Since that same day he was going out of his accounts, he told me that the decision of choice was to cause labor so that the baby would be born as soon as possible. I was very concerned that she did not want me to have a cesarean section and asked her what her chances of giving birth were vaginally.

I had already had another baby without problems before and she reassured me that it was possible for the baby to be delivered vaginally, despite its loop, if it was long enough not to hinder the baby's passage through the birth canal . Finally, at that moment I began to fill out the papers for my hospital admission, they gave me a room and then a midwife broke my amniotic sac so that the birthing process could begin.

After an hour I began to dilate, while my baby's heartbeat was constantly monitored by medical personnel. My baby is fine, sorry, I feel it, I thought meanwhile. I found it curious to know that he was fine, it was as if both organisms were connected by something more than the physical part, there was something mental, something emotional that told me that everything was going well.

They put the epidural on me and finally, they brought me up to the delivery room when I was 10 cm dilated. Once there, I only had to push twice, the second push, my baby had been born and I was holding him in my arms. A beautiful 3,400 gram baby, who smiled at me the first time he saw me. We had both behaved like true champions, we fight for life keeping calm and serenity at all times. I will never forget that precious day.

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