7 out of 10 Spanish grandparents take care of their grandchildren

7 out of 10 Spanish grandparents take care of their grandchildren

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Do you think that grandparents have an obligation to take care of their grandchildren? Although some claim their right to be only grandparents and not caregivers, the majority, resigned, you have no choice but to become authentic educators and babysitters of their grandchildren, day after day, because the parents of their grandchildren do not have the time or financial resources to leave their children in the care of caregivers or nursery schools.

The fewer financial resources a family has, the less outside help, that is, caregivers or babysitters, as well as nurseries or nursery schools, it can have and, therefore, greater dependence on grandparents. This is one of the conclusions revealed by the study 'Grandparents and grandmothers ... for everything. Perceptions around the education and care of grandchildren ', carried out by the Federation of Aid Against Drug Addiction (FAD) Y Obra Social Caja Madrid.

The study leaves no doubt that grandparents have become the protective mattress of many families that, whether or not they have the possibility of accessing support resources for the care of their children, they end up turning to their grandparents. In times of crisis, this situation is even more reinforced. In fact, many grandparents complain that they are here to enjoy with their grandchildren and not to educate them.

In addition, they feel pressured by the parents of their grandchildren to use the educational criteria that they demand, for which they are not always prepared or agree. In this way, they feel coerced, 'used' by the parents of their grandchildren.

Ideally, for many grandparents, they would have to take care of their grandchildren only when it is really necessary and not every day as many do. That they could enjoy with the grandchildren without the burden of having the responsibility of educating them as the parents of the little ones want. Many grandparents want to be with their grandchildren when they are not needed. That they can live their role as a grandfather and not as a caregiver. They take care of their children, they take care of their grandchildren and they suspect that nobody cares about taking care of them, that they have their own interests, activities, time ... At the end of the day, grandparents must enjoy the autonomy for which they have fought all his life. What do you think?

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