Fables for elementary school children

Fables for elementary school children

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Fables are a great resource to educate children and to make them understand that they should avoid certain behaviors. Elementary school children can therefore learn a lot from these cautionary short stories, as it encourages their critical thinking, reasoning skills, and the ability to discern what is right from what is wrong. We show you some very useful fables for elementary school children to learn values. These fables are perfect for elementary school children, they can read them alone and extract great teaching from them.

The hare and the Tortoise. The Hare and the Tortoise is a fable with a moral that tries to entertain children and at the same time educate them in values. On our site we show you stories with pictures to print and read to children. Animated story with pictures for children to learn the value of respect and humility.

The flies. The flies, a children's fable with a moral. Fables to teach values ​​to children. Short children's stories with a message to educate in values. Children's fables with a moral. This fable teaches children the value of patience and invites them to enjoy the present without anxiety or impulsivity.

The horse and the donkey. The fable The horse and the ass. Children's stories to teach values ​​to children. our site offers us popular fables to educate in values. The horse and the ass, short children's story.

The Ant and the Grasshopper. The Cicada and the Ant, a classic children's fable written by La Fontaine, which speaks of the value of effort and work. Fables are short children's stories with a final moral or message to educate children.

The lion and the Mouse. The fable The lion and the mouse, for children. On our site you can find fables to educate children in values. Popular fable of the lion and the mouse. Short stories with values ​​for children. Children's fables with a moral.

The boy and the sweets. Fables are short and brief literary narratives, usually in verse, that always end with a teaching message or an instructive moral. Short fables for children.

The Congress of the Mice. The Congress of the Mice is a short fable written by Samaniego and that teaches children that it is very easy to propose ideas but it is not always as easy to carry them out. Learn this fable, tell it to the children and do the different reading comprehension activities that we propose.

The fortune teller. Short stories with a moral for children. Fable The fortune teller for children. Aesop's Fables. The Fortune Teller is a very short fable for children. It is part of the tales of Aesop, a famous fable writer who lived in the 600s BC. C. and that, mainly has stories about animals.

The peasant mouse and the rich courtier. The peasant mouse and the rich courtier. Tell this short fable to your children and teach them the different ways of living of two mice. This fable with a cautionary tale teaches children that it is better to live with less but with more security and serenity.

Wolf with sheep's skin. The popular fable 'The wolf in sheep's clothing' contains a moral for children. Short children's stories and fables with teachings to educate in values. Short fables for children.

The milkmaid. The milkmaid, a traditional fable with a moral for children. our site has selected this fable because it teaches children that who loves a lot can be left with nothing. Story about ambition, frustration and disappointment. A story that tells that we will not always get what we want.

The dove and the ant. The Dove and the Ant is a popular Aesop fable to teach the value of gratitude to children. Here you will find fables for children with a message. The dove and the ant is a short story about animals with a moral to educate children and make them fond of reading. Discover the moral that this beautiful fable has for you.

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