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Savoir vivre on the playground .... for parents

Savoir vivre on the playground .... for parents

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A playground is often a place of fights: for toys, a place to play, for the attention of loved ones. Known as a loud and arousing space: jealousy, joy, impatience waiting for your turn. It is also a great place to make first friendships. Both among parents and children.

What are the rules to follow when we're at the playground? How to avoid unnecessary conflicts? We present seven important rules.

Don't feed strangers

Treating other children when our toddler has just got a biscuit is considered something natural. It seems to us that this is how it should be done ... that sharing is natural and desirable. Meanwhile, this is not always the case the best way, and often dangerous as well. Therefore, instead of treating your child directly, it is worth considering for a moment and asking for parental consent.

It can be that:

  • for some reason the child doesn't eat sweets (every parent has the right to have a different opinion on this topic),
  • the problem is allergy (e.g., on gluten, which will cause that after an innocent bite of a biscuit, the child will go to the hospital on the signals: the fact is not common cases, but they happen),
  • education (after all, it seems sensible to teach children not to take sweets or cookies from strangers ...),
  • hygiene (children in the playground are often dirty: that's why giving them sweets to black hands is not a good idea).

Before you feel better by giving your child something to eat, think twice about whether and how to do it.

No animals

On the playground generally exists no animals allowed. Unfortunately, not all parents follow him. Many live in the belief that since they have a dog or a cat and he is "loved", "raised among children", it's all a game.

There is always a risk for even the mildest animals. An animal is only an animal and should be guarded. Meanwhile, parents who must have an eye on a running two-year-old or two children, unfortunately, are often not able to control the "small, innocent" running without a leash pet.