The first breast milk bank

The first breast milk bank

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The first breast milk bank will be opened in Warsaw at the end of March. It is the fruit of an innovative program in the country conducted under the title "Mother's milk for premature babies". The breast milk bank is intended to help feeding premature babies with mother's milk. Which is very important for young children born prematurely whose immunity is virtually zero.

There is something to fight for. Apart from the few contraindications, when giving natural milk is not a good solution, in most cases natural food is the best for a child. It's simply the safest and has many benefits. Not only giving food, but above all the antibodies and composition adapting to the changing needs of the baby.

In Poland, the laboratory in Warsaw will be the first place dealing with the collection, storage and transfer of breast milk. There are 170 such in Europe today.

There will be no charge for milk. Nor will it be given to mothers who choose to give them away. Subsidies will be covered by subsidies, later the hospital will take over.