Cinderella. Traditional tales for children

Cinderella. Traditional tales for children

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman who, after being orphaned of father and mother, had to live with her stepmother and the two daughters she had.

The three women were so bad and so selfish that they got uglier every day. The beautiful girl was exploited by them. She was the one who did all the hardest work in the house. Besides cooking, washing, etc., she also had to chop wood and light the fireplace.

Thus her dresses were always stained with ash, which is why everyone called her Cinderella. One day it was heard all over the city that the prince of that country had returned.

The king, very happy, was going to give a great party to which he was going to invite all the young women of the kingdom, with the hope that the prince would find in one of them, the wife he desired.

At Cinderella's house, her stepsisters began to prepare for the big party. And they said to Cinderella:

- You won't go. You will stay cleaning the house and preparing dinner for when we return.

The day of the dance had arrived. Cinderella watched her stepsisters leave for the Royal Palace and began to cry because she felt very sad and lonely. But, suddenly, a Fairy appeared to him and said:

- Dear girl, dry your tears because you will also go to the dance.

And Cinderella said:

- But, how? If I don't have a dress or shoes, or a carriage to take me?

And the fairy, with her magic wand, transformed a pumpkin into a carriage, some mice into beautiful horses, and Cinderella into a wonderful young woman who more resembled a princess.

And he warned him:

- You will go to the dance, but with one condition: when the Palace clock strikes twelve, you will have to return immediately because the spell will end.

Beautiful and happy, Cinderella arrived at the Palace. And when she entered the ballroom, everyone stopped to look at her. The prince fell in love with her beauty and danced with her all night.

But after a few hours, the palace clock began to chime and Cinderella said goodbye to the prince, crossed the hall, down the steps and entered the carriage in the direction of her home.

In the rush, she lost one of her crystal shoes that the prince picked up without understanding anything.

The next day, the prince ordered the guards to find the young lady who could put the shoe on. The guards toured the entire kingdom.

All the maids tried on the shoe but it did not work for anyone. At last they reached Cinderella's house. And when she put it on, everyone saw that it was perfect.

And that is how Cinderella met the prince again, they married, and they lived very happily.


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