Yeh-Shen, the real Cinderella. Chinese legend for kids

Yeh-Shen, the real Cinderella. Chinese legend for kids

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Do you know the story of Cinderella? Perhaps the Grimm brothers were inspired by this ancient Chinese legend. In fact, many know her as 'the real Cinderella'.

Here you have the original legend of Cinderella, actually called Yeh-shen.

Yeh-Shen was the daughter of a mining chief. When his mother died, was left in the care of his stepmother, who already had another daughter. Her stepmother, seeing that Yeh-Shen had many more virtues than her daughter, made her life impossible. He sent her the most difficult and tiring jobs and treated her very badly.

The poor girl could never go out, or have fun. His only friend was a gold-eyed fish, who lived in the river that passed by the house. Every time the fish saw Yeh-Shen approaching, it would come out to greet her. But the evil stepmother found out. He captured the fish and got rid of it.

The poor girl went to the river and began to cry. And suddenly, he heard a voice, and turning, he saw an old man, with long hair and dressed in beggar's clothes.

- 'Dear girl- said the old man- Your precious fish was magical. Here are its thorns. Every time you need something, make a wish. But be careful: don't waste them. '

Yeh-Shen put the fish bones in a bag. And the months passed. Also the years. Yeh-Shen got older and spring came. In this season the Spring Festival took place, a party in which young people met and looked for a partner. But although she dreamed of going to the Festival, her stepmother forbade it, since she wanted to find a partner for her daughter.

As soon as the stepmother left home with her daughter, Yeh-Shen took out the thorns and made a wish ... Shortly after, a beautiful young woman, wearing tiny gold shoes and small fish carved in precious stone, appeared on the floor. party. When everyone crowded to observe her, due to her beauty, she decided to flee, overwhelmed. But in his flight he left one of his shoes.

Eventually, a merchant found the lost shoe and decided to give it to a local monarch named T'o Han. The monarch was captivated by the shoe and insisted on meeting the lady who was wearing it. So they decided to look for her. But when she found out, she preferred to go to the palace to retrieve the shoe. When she located him and was about to leave, she was discovered.

The king at first did not believe her story, but as he escorted her home, Yeh-Shen put on the other shoe and again a dazzling dress appeared. The king fell in love and married her. He also ordered the stepmother and her daughter to live in a cave forever.

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