Tricks to combat stress in pregnancy

Tricks to combat stress in pregnancy

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Although the pregnancy It is a wonderful process, also for some women it is a situation that entails episodes of overwhelm, stress and even anxiety. The ignorance of the pregnancy itself, where each sensation is new but disconcerting, can lead the future mother to a perpetual state of stress, where having everything under control can be very difficult. To get to feel the best possible way, gives us five tips to combat stress in pregnancy.

1. Physical relaxation. The mother's stress can have multiple factors, but one of them can come from the physical discomfort that the body suffers during the nine months. Whether the stress is physical due to the discomfort of fluid retention, or mentally due to the fear that something is not going well, sport clears the mind and is good for reducing the feeling of overwhelm or anxiety. Practices such as Pilates or yoga for pregnant women contribute to maintaining good physical shape, but to achieving peace of mind and total tranquility.

2. Mindfulness practice. This way of fighting stress is very fashionable, and combines the psychological benefits of concentration and awareness. In this way, a much more conscious pregnancy is experienced from the psychological point of view, knowing how to cope with those moments in which it becomes particularly difficult. The meditation It is the great secret of this activity, which helps to maintain mental peace so as not to suffer negative emotional changes.

3. Mental control. For many pregnant women, stress does not come from to-dos before the baby is born. Although pregnant women want to have everything under control before the child reaches the world, many times the stress is mental, due to the negative thoughts that can haunt the beautiful process. Therefore, mind control practices, where visualize that everything is going wellTelling yourself that everything will turn out in the best possible way and imagining how pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing will go smoothly, help reduce stress. The positive mantras Mind control is a great way to combat the stress of pregnancy.

4. Massages. As with physical exercise, relaxing massages help combat those specific situations of stress and overwhelm for future mothers. For many women, a leg massage, which are usually sore, or even in the back, which also suffers from the weight of the belly that grows every month, helps to release tension. Therefore, a good massage on time by an expert will help reduce stress, which can be concentrated in different areas of the body.

5. Conversation. Many fears of the mother may be due to ignorance of a totally new process in the case of gilts, or precisely to the experience of previous pregnancies. The hormonal dance that occurs in pregnancy can lead to stress that could affect the baby, so it is advisable not to overlook the stress problems of pregnancy. Talking about it as a couple, with friends who are in the same situation or with the family or a doctor could reduce the feeling of anxiety and lack of control.

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