Gelatin with fruit juice for children

Gelatin with fruit juice for children

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We propose a healthy and light snack for the hottest days of summer. It can also be an excellent dessert. Best of all, it offers hydration and provides very few calories. Is about a jelly with orange juice.

If your child likes raspberry, blackberry, or watermelon more, you can try swapping the fruit. You can even make a variety of jellies. You will see what a simple recipe!

  • Gelatin sheets
  • 1/2 liter of orange juice

Tips: You can change the orange juice for the juice of the fruit that your child likes the most: strawberry, apple, blackberry ...

1. Squeeze the oranges until you get more or less 1/2 liter of juice (about 3-4 oranges).

2. Add the gelatin sheets previously moistened in the orange juice.

3. Stir well and place in the fridge for approximately 3 hours.

4. Pieces of fruit can be added on top or before placing the preparation in the fridge.

Observations: If you do not want the jelly to be orange, you can try any other type of fruit, the one that your child likes the most.

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