Diaper wet indicator

Diaper wet indicator

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Pee Tweet is on one side application, the other small device, which measures the wetting of your diaper and tells you when to change your baby. Thanks to it, parents should be able to easily calculate how many diapers a toddler uses and when to go shopping.

For now, the product is passing testing phase, not yet available for purchase.

The idea came to make the device connect to Twitter.

How is this supposed to work? Parents are to see a message on the computer or mobile phone screen that their child needs a moment of attention and ... time to change the diaper. This concept was presented in the form of a joke (to investigate the reactions of potential customers), but it still caused a storm of comments.

Despite distancing himself from the questions, when the diaper wet indicator will be available for sale, the manufacturer (Huggies) has provided four testing devices for parents. In this way it is said that Huggies wants to refine the operation of the device and when it is possible to eliminate any possible errors, launch the product on the market.

Pee Tweet is to reach "busy, busy" parents. His task is to reduce the frequency of diaper wetting and thus facilitate the functioning of a million people around the world.

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