Basket for the baby's arrival in hot months

Basket for the baby's arrival in hot months

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The products of the baby's trousseau in hot months


One of the biggest expenses for parents is the purchase of diapers, either disposable or cloth. For this reason, "diaper cakes" have become a common gift and much appreciated by future parents at baby showers.

If you decide to use a pacifier, make sure it is suitable for newborns, both in shape and material. Remember that it can interfere with breastfeeding, so it is advisable not to abuse its use and start by buying latex pacifiers, whose texture is more similar to that of the mother's breast.

The booties help us to keep the baby's feet warm, even in sunny months you may need them if the temperatures drop at night, since newborns take longer to get used to the cold. In any case, choose a thin, breathable and comfortable material for the baby.

For the baby's bath time we must have several products, from gel and shampoo to moisturizer and talcum powder. The advantage of having a baby in hot months is that if it splashes you will care less, and do not forget that you should not put them in the pool until they are two months old.

Newborns, and babies in general, should not be exposed to sunlight. If your baby was born in a hot season, it is a difficult task to avoid the sun, so whenever you go outside, apply a suitable sunscreen for babies, high protection and waterproof.

The lullabies are fabrics to wrap the baby, they help them to be protected and comfortable in addition to getting used to the outside world. In the hot months we can use the lullabies of thin and light fabrics that do not give too much heat to the baby, as it could dehydrate.

Baby's clothes in hot months should be light, breathable and made of natural fibers such as cotton. Newborns grow very fast so you won't need long-sleeved bodysuits or warm clothes. Buy hats with wide brims to protect them from the sun.

The advantage of having a baby in summer is that you can go for a walk as much as you want and enjoy the good weather. Of course, when choosing a stroller make sure that it has an umbrella or that one can be attached, since the skin of babies is very sensitive.

One of the first things on any list is the crib. If your baby is going to be born in the hot months, you can choose a crib in light and cheerful tones. Make sure the room is cool and buy fine cotton bedding.

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