In the pool, extreme vigilance of children

In the pool, extreme vigilance of children

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All mothers have a certain obsession with swimming pools and for many of us it is a priority that our children learn to defend themselves in the water as soon as possible.

So even though we can't teach our babies to swim, because like a pool told me, children are not ready to learn to swim until they are four years old Because their psychomotor development does not allow it until that age, it is possible to teach them to float.

And it is that I have always been curious to see the images of newborns and babies making the little fish in the water. They do not lose their glottis closure reflex up to 8 months and can stay underwater longer than adults without breathing. It's nice to see them, really, but soon they are at high risk, because the water attracts most children and, as up to two years, they enter a phase in which they do not see the danger, it is very easy for something to happen to them near a pool.

According to the Committee for the Prevention of Accidents and Injuries of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), drownings are the second leading cause of infant mortality and in 88 percent of the cases, the parents or responsible persons admitted having had a mistake. These accidents could be avoided in 80 percent of the cases because most are caused by recklessness and carelessness of parents and children.

What's more, most take place in private pools, many of which do not meet the necessary requirements to guarantee the safety of the child population, which refers to a fence around the perimeter of the pool, which would guarantee that no child could access the water without the control of an adult. the presence of a lifeguard.

Nonetheless, a child can fall into the water without anyone noticing and parents have no choice but to be extremely vigilant of minors when we are with them in the pool.

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