Why a poorly prepared bottle can kill a baby

Why a poorly prepared bottle can kill a baby

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One level scoop of powdered milk for every 30 ml of water. If they are 60 ml of water, two shallow scoops. Sounds easy right? They are the universal indications when preparing a bottle. However, not all parents respect them. A lot, they decide to prepare the bottle 'by eye'.

The danger comes when, in addition to altering the proportions of formula milk and water, certain foods that the baby cannot eat are introduced ahead of time. In that case, your health is put at risk.

A couple originally from Mali, but living in Barcelona (Spain) had their daughter before their time. She was born premature and everything went well in the hospital. At home, they began to feed her with breast milk, but after a few months they decided to switch to artificial feeding. The couple chose to prepare the artificial milk bottles in their own way. They altered the proportions of milk powder and water, adding more scoops of milk and less water. It also occurred to them to introduce other types of food: rice, cereals, cocoa, oil and salt.

The little girl's body was not prepared to receive this type of food. The altered ratio of milk and water caused him severe dehydration. The result: the girl's parents went with her to the emergency room. There he was diagnosed with severe hypernatremic dehydration, with kidney failure and a metabolic disorder that has led to severe mental retardation.

It seems incredible that a bottle can cause so much damage, but in some countries it is much worse. A bottle can kill a baby. In some third world countries, bottles are prepared with undrinkable and contaminated water that causes fatal diarrhea in newborns and even death.

The instructions when preparing a bottle are universal:

1. Wash your hands very well. Sterilize well the nipple and the bottle

2. Heats drinking water, if possible mineral water (not from the tap), weak mineralization. Take care that it doesn't get too hot. The correct temperature is 37ºC.

3. Add a level scoop of prepared milk for every 30 ml of water. Keep in mind that there are milk for a certain age of the baby. Remember that it is better to add the water first and then the powdered milk.

4. Not yet cereals ahead of time. Do not add any kind of seasoning (no salt, no sugar or honey ... nothing!)

5. Close the bottle and shake well.

After each use, clean the bottle and nipple very well so that no traces of milk remain. Don't save any leftover bottle your baby left for later.

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