Breastfeeding: Does it inhibit ovulation?

Breastfeeding: Does it inhibit ovulation?

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I have a friend who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl four months ago and has now found out that she is pregnant again. Although she and her husband were thinking of giving their daughter a baby brother one day, they weren't expecting it so soon.

Usually, it is recommended to wait an average of a year after giving birth to get pregnant again, since for the perfect recovery of the woman's body, almost the same involution time as a pregnancy lasts.

My friend, like many of us, thought that breastfeeding inhibited ovulation. Missing periods are quite common during the first three or four months after giving birth, if you breastfeed your child. However, we also know women whose children are ten or eleven months old, with which, taking our accounts, we can deduce that ovulation, sometimes, occurs in an unexpected way, almost impossible to predict, which is not It is advisable to use breastfeeding as a contraceptive.

After delivery, there are many women who do not menstruate again until they have fully weaned their child o have not reduced the number of feedings after incorporating new foods into the baby's diet; But I have also met quite a few women who, breastfeeding their child only with their milk, without giving any kind of help from the bottle, have had their period shortly after giving birth.

Every woman is different, some take months to menstruate after they have weaned their child and others when menstruation may occur somewhat after stopping lochia or bloody postpartum losses, while nursing your child. It is a mistake to think that until the first menstruation appears, we cannot get pregnant because, although anovulatory periods can sometimes occur (without ovulating), we could also get pregnant if ovulation occurs, since this usually occurs about two weeks before we have the period, with which we will have become pregnant without having had menstrual losses.

This happened to my friend, she had neither signs nor discomfort, and it was normal that she did not have her period yet, but she began to suspect that she could be pregnant because her little girl began to reject the breast. We have to consider that the first ovulation, after giving birth, can occur unexpectedly depending on the woman, the number of feedings the child makes, our hormonal levels, etc ..., aspects that escape us. hands, unless we have the ability to see the activity of our ovaries through ultrasound, which is not normally within our reach.

Patro Gabaldon.

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