The world's worst punishments for children

The world's worst punishments for children

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Yamato, 7, used to throw stones at cars and people from time to time. His parents, fed up with this situation, decided to give him a lesson. They took him by car to a forest in Japan (on Mount Komagatake), known for being a refuge for wild bears and for withstanding low temperatures ... and they abandoned him. Just 10 minutes. Enough. Yamato disappeared.

Did the parents really think it was a punishment commensurate with their antics? At what point does the punishment go beyond the limits of the lesson and turn into abuse? At what point does it become reportable?

1. Tie a child to a chair. This punishment not only occurs in homes, but also in many schools. Precisely the photograph belongs to a girl from Veracruz (Mexico), who was tied up by her teacher with the consent of her mother.

2. Abandon a child as a lesson. It may have crossed your mind at some time ... 'I turn around that corner and tell him he stays there alone'. Perhaps you think that a minute of abandonment can serve as a threat to change the child's attitude. But think about it: there is nothing more terrifying in this world for a child than feeling abandoned. Do you think it will not leave a mark on their self-esteem? The case of the Japanese boy abandoned in a forest is, unfortunately, not the first case. These kinds of punishments can have dire consequences.

3. Throw a child out of the house. There are parents who open the door, expel their children and close it again. His plan is to let a few minutes pass and reopen the door, to let them pass. Many children, feeling expelled from home, what they feel rather is a terrible pain and helplessness in the face of the rejection of their own parents.

4. Throw in the water. For a child who cannot swim, being violently thrown into a pool by his own father is truly terrifying. And of course, a tremendously dangerous fact.

5. Threatening to throw you out the window. It seems impossible to think that it happens, but it is a real fact. Many parents grab the baby and hold him in the middle of the void, threatening to throw him if he does not stop crying. Can you imagine the panic this situation brings to the little one?

6. Force you to exercise. An American grandmother forced her 9-year-old granddaughter to run and run non-stop as punishment. The little girl died of exhaustion after three hours. Savannah had only eaten a chocolate bar on the sly, without permission.

7. Whipping. Physical punishment is more widespread throughout the world than we think. Many parents decide to beat and even whip their children. Others, with a belt.

8. Water. A Peruvian mother decided to punish her son with boiling water. He threw hot water on his arms, back, and legs, causing second-degree burns that forced surgeons to intervene. In Bolivia, another mother used the water, but in this case, cold water and in the middle of winter. Faced with the refusal of his 6-year-old son to go to school, he undressed him, took him out to the street and showered him with icy water from a hose.

9. Leave him in the car or eject him from the vehicle. A punishment, which in addition to psychological defects, can also carry consequences that parents do not even think about. Leaving a child in the car is very dangerous, especially if it is summer. Leaving him out and speeding up, even if he thinks about coming back, is an unforgivable act that can have fatal consequences.

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