Causes of postpartum constipation

Causes of postpartum constipation

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Pregnant women often suffer from constipation. This problem is due on the one hand to the increase in the size of the uterus that compresses the intestine, preventing normal mobility, and on the other hand to hormonal changes that cause the relaxation of the muscles of the intestine, especially due to the increase in progesterone. Iron supplements also increase the risk of constipation.

But ... what happens after delivery? Why do many women also suffer from postpartum constipation?

Once a woman gives birth, it may take several days for a bowel movement. To the discomfort caused during pregnancy are added the effort made during the expulsion process in childbirth causing pain in the perineal muscles, possible hemorrhoids and the fear of the stitches loosening episiotomy during defecation.

In addition, caring for the baby and recovering from childbirth mean that at this stage the woman performs less exercise leading a more sedentary life, especially if she has undergone a cesarean section, so her intestinal muscles are more relaxed, taking some time to regain your usual rhythm.

1. To alleviate the effects of constipation during the postpartum, specialists advise eating a diet rich in fiber, consuming cereals, whole wheat bread or asparagus, among other foods, in addition to fruits and vegetables and increasing the consumption of liquids, especially water.

2. It is also advisable to perform some mild physical activity like walking and Kegel exercises to regain elasticity and strength in the perineal area.

3. Laxatives are not advised during the lactation period as they can pass through the milk to the baby.

According to experts, if the woman did not suffer from constipation before pregnancy, the intestine will gradually recover its normal rhythm.

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