The 15 month old baby. Baby development month by month

The 15 month old baby. Baby development month by month

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At 15 months of age, your baby is likely to walk more safely, although he still does not have great stability and falls easily. He can say a few words so you can communicate with him with a lot more easily.

She can entertain herself by playing with stacking objects or carrying toys from one side of the house to the other. He has more temperament and shows it every time he gets frustrated. It is very common to hear a 'no' to any question.

At 15 months of age, the baby is doing well and can crawl up stairs. He gets up and sits without the help of an adult and loves to explore his surroundings.

He can hold more than one toy in his hand, as his motor skills are improving day by day, this leads him to make constructions with cubes or to paint doodles on paper.

Your baby perfectly understands simple commands such as 'give me the toy', 'let's go to the street', 'time to eat' ... In addition, little by little he is gaining vocabulary and can now say between three and six words. One of them will be 'no', a way of asserting yourself.

The baby has to take nutritious purees, in which the legumes can already be introduced. They are foods that will give the child a lot of energy. From time to time, you can substitute the meat, fish or egg of the purees for pork or lamb, although in moderation because it contains more fat.

It is very important to stimulate the baby's learning with simple activities such as naming parts of the body, everyday objects, animals or plants. For your language to be correct, it is advisable not to distort the words or use diminutives.

Reading stories and singing songs to the baby will stimulate their fantasy and imagination and will introduce them to the habit of reading.

To promote chewing you can give the 15-month-old baby cookies. To improve their movements you can do exercises like playing hide and seek, pass the ball or dance.

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