The sun and the moon. Mexican legend for kids

The sun and the moon. Mexican legend for kids

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The leyends They are very old stories, which generally refer to Nature and the values ​​that have been transmitted from generation to generation.

In this case, The Sun and the Moon is a Mexican legend with a very old story about the creation of the two most important stars in the sky: the sun and the moon. Do you want to know its origin?

Legend has it that when the earth was in darkness, it was always night. The most powerful, who lived in the sky, gathered to create the Sun and that there would be light on Earth. They were cited in Teotihuacan, a city that was in the sky. Beneath it, as a reflection, was the Mexican city of the same name.

It is said that in that celestial city of Teotihuacán, they lit a huge bonfire. The mighty one who would like to become the Sun, I should jump this bonfire to resurface like the sun.

Two candidates were presented to be the Sun: the First was big, strong, beautiful and rich and in addition, he was dressed in luxurious clothes and adorned with precious stones. He offered his companions gold and jewels as a token of his pride; on the other hand, the Second was small, weak, ugly and poor; his skin was covered in sores, and he was dressed in his work clothes. As the Second was a very poor being, he could only offer the blood of his heart, his good and humble feelings.

When it was time to jump over the huge bonfire, the great and rich man did not dare, he was afraid and ran away, however, the Second, who was very brave, took a huge leap over the bonfire and came out as the Sun.

When the First candidate saw him turned into the sun, he felt ashamed and without much thought took a run and jumped over the bonfire. And a second Sun appeared in the sky. The other Mighty Ones agreed that there could not be two suns in the sky, so they decided to turn off the Second, for that, they took a Rabbit by the legs and with great force they threw it against the second Sun. Its brightness quickly diminished. and after a while, it became the Moon.

If you look closely, during the days of the full moon, you can see the figure of a rabbit, which is the one that ended the second sun and gave life to the moon.

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