Children with disabilities. Stimulate through games

Children with disabilities. Stimulate through games

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When we talk about stimulation in early childhood of children with a disability, it is usually related to early rehabilitation and we forget other benefits such as learning or the acquisition of social skills. However, these two elements are essential for the child to create his own personality.

A good way to stimulate children with disabilities, whether physical, mental or sensory, is through games and recreational activities.

Stimulation must be flexible or adaptable to the needs of each child, depending on:

- The objectives that we pursue at all times.

- The child's motivation.

- If the stimulation is group.

- To the spontaneity of each moment, leaving a margin of decision to the child.

The most effective method of achieving profit in the stimulation in children with disabilities it is the game, since it is also flexible and adapts to the needs of each disability.

If we go beyond the playful purpose of games, we find that a basic game such as the memory game, in which children have to find two identical images, can lead to multifunctional stimulation:

- At a cognitive level: exercising memory, expanding vocabulary and recognition of elements, animals, people, feelings, etc ...

- On a physical level: expanding or decreasing the size of the cards or sheets according to the disability and the sensorimotor stimulation that is pursued.

- At the interaction level as it enhances group collaboration, empathy and communication.

As we can see, these three levels of stimulation are we can work on many group games or activities, thus achieving a psychomotor progress attending to the physical, mental or sensory peculiarities for each child, but at the same time looking for the best way of inclusive participation.

Because TEvery child should have their role in a game or activity, thus favoring the stimulation factors described at the beginning.

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