Why some children have a mania for their siblings

Why some children have a mania for their siblings

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It is not something new that in the relationship between siblings there may be very good moments but that there may also be moments where the relationship is not entirely successful. Sometimes it happens that some children have a mania for their siblings. This 'mania' consists of everything the other brother does upsets him, any comments, any words, whatever you do.

This type of negative reaction from one sibling to another can create a tense atmosphere at home. In addition, the relationship between siblings can easily deteriorate, so if the parents do not solve what is happening, the relationship between siblings is very likely to be affected in the long term.

1. Jealousy. When this mania exists between siblings, it can usually occur because there is some kind of rivalry or unresolved jealousy. Jealousy is a fairly common problem between siblings in many families that, if not resolved, can have serious consequences in the sibling's relationship, in the short and long term.

2. Facing characters. Other factors in which children may have mania from their siblings may also influence, and that is a child does not choose the family in which he is born and because of that, you may have disagreements with another member.

3. Position in the family. For example, an older child may be burdened with responsibilities to care for the younger ones. Or maybe a little boy is compared to the older brother all the time.

4. Sex can influence because maybe a boy can catch his sister's obsession because he thinks his parents are being nicer to the girl. Or perhaps a girl becomes angry as a teenager because parents give her less freedom to go out with friends than a brother.

5. Age It can also be an influencing factor since when siblings are very old they may also have very different tastes and ways of thinking.

Although the most important factor of all is the attitude of the parents in this situation. It is very difficult for parents to be impartial in these situations. It is essential that parents behave in a balanced way, without comparisons and without favoritism.

Parents need to be aware of these types of situations in order to remedy them as soon as possible. Children do not know how to control their emotions and in many cases, they are not aware that their actions or words can deeply hurt others. Teaching empathy and assertiveness to the little ones from a very early age, it is possible that all those 'manias' towards another brother, simply disappear.

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