Advice before going to the pediatric emergency with the child

Advice before going to the pediatric emergency with the child

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There are many parents who are alarmed by certain symptoms in their children and do not hesitate for a second when it comes to going to the pediatric emergency room. When it comes to sick children, parents do not hesitate and prefer to be cured in health. However, in most cases, the assistance was not justified and the only thing that caused is saturation in the hospital.

According to a survey carried out by Nectar Seguros de Salud, almost 87% of parents do not request an appointment with the pediatrician before going to the emergency room because they think that their child's illness is serious, because they do not want to wait for an appointment with the pediatrician until the next day or because the health center was already closed. However, of all these emergencies, 86% were resolved in the hospital and the children did not require admission. So what should we do before going to the emergency room?

- Call the pediatric emergency department owned by both many private insurers and many public health services. Telephone contact helps to answer questions and reassure parents.

- Assess the risks to which children are exposed when taking them to the emergency room: children can have contact with multiple germs.

- Think about whether it is really an emergency, otherwise it will delay the care of other children who really need medical attention.

- Statistics suggest that more than half of emergency room visits could be attended to by visiting the pediatrician, who knows the child better and can better assess their health.

- Go, whenever possible, to the pediatrician, since continuous treatment allows a relationship of trust to be created and can assess the child's health in a global and comprehensive way.

- Maintain medical monitoring of the child: By ensuring the child's attendance at the pediatrician, it facilitates the pediatrician's decision-making and offers peace of mind to the family.

- Going to another pediatrician in the emergency room may lead to receiving discrepant information about the child's diagnosis or treatment, which contributes to the confusion of the family regarding the child.

Source: Nectar Health Insurance

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