No one or nothing replaces the mother and father

No one or nothing replaces the mother and father

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When the baby cries in the crib at night it is not because he wants to upset or interrupt his parents' sleep. For whatever reason, hunger, fear or illness, the baby cries because this is his way of claiming the presence of his mother and / or father. Babies and children need the attention of their parents and not just to be breastfed or a bottle or a pacifier or taken to the doctor. You understand me, right?

I ask you if you understand me because what I mean by that is that, as the saying goes, 'touch makes love'. And I would add that friction also builds attachment and family bonding. Having children requires many responsibilities and commitments that go far beyond simple decisions and solutions. I can be an informed mother, an expert in the care and education of children, but if I only think about my personal and professional interests, and I do not have time to spend even a few minutes alone with my children a day, ¿ what do I have them for?

I can be the most generous and kind mother to my children, but if all I do is buy toys for them and make them food every day, and I don't have time to play or share a table with them, why fill them with whims ...? Could it be that I am trying to compensate them with gifts for my lack of attention and care with them? Gifts cannot replace my love or my role as mother.

In the midst of so many commitments and rush of day to day, there are parents who are forgetting the essential: to be with their children. They cannot be replaced by grandparents, uncles, caregivers, teachers, schools and colleges, after-school classes, neighbors, by the parents of their children's friends, or by television, by Internet, or by video consoles, or by potato chip bags, not for anything or anyone.

Remember that the absence or neglect of parents in children's lives is one of the causes of childhood depression in children as young as 3 to 5 years of age. There is always time for a father and mother to put themselves in the place of their children. Perhaps this way they will understand that for their children, their father and mother are irreplaceable.

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