The foods that lose the most weight after childbirth

The foods that lose the most weight after childbirth

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After childbirth, recovering the figure is one of the most common concerns of mothers. Fluid retention and the logical increase in the abdomen in the pregnancy contribute to weight gain, which remains after giving birth. Although the volume decreases after the baby is born, it is necessary to know what foods are those that help you lose weight after delivery. In We found the guidelines to eat healthy after giving birth and lose weight.

1. Vegetables. To have a good diet after childbirth, it is necessary that vegetables are part of the diet. In this case, we must specifically choose green leafy vegetables, such as the cabbage, spinach or chard, and also the lettuce to prepare salads. This type of food can be combined with low-fat meats, grilled fish or eggs, essential in a balanced diet. The best thing about this food group is that they are filling, low in calories and also contain fiber and carbohydrates, two essential components for postpartum weight loss.

2. Fruits. From breakfast to dinner, you cannot stop eating fruit, since it is not only good for the body, but it also keeps the kilos at bay. Fruits like Kiwi help to regulate intestinal transit, which is very important to lose weight and not feel bloated. It is also necessary pineapple, which is diuretic and does not retain fluids, or grapefruit, which is very low in calories and helps to eliminate excess fat. Other essential fruits to lose weight in the postpartum are: Apple, which activates the metabolism; the plantain for its satiating effect, or the avocado, for its high content of healthy fats.

3. Vegetables. In addition to fruits and vegetables, foods that are legumes are essential when it comes to losing weight. The best legumes to lose weight are lentils, peas or chickpeas. It is not about ingesting them in industrial quantities, but in small quantities. This is because legumes are satiating, and can be combined with vegetables or greens to create the most balanced dishes.

4. Fiber. To reduce weight after giving birth, it is necessary to eat foods rich in fiber, such as pasta, bread, rice and cereals. It is not a question of basing the postpartum diet on fiber, but of introducing it in small doses into the regimen after giving birth. The benefits of fiber in the diet are very varied, since those foods that contain it -which are also vegetables such as lettuce or legumes-, help the metabolism to go faster and the fats are burned more easily.

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