Hipcio Sorter

Hipcio Sorter

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The neat Hipcio is not ordinary because he combines two toys: sorter and spinning top. On the back of the hippie placed 4 holes in which you need to match the right blocks (asterisk, circle, square and triangle). When the child places the blocks in the hippie's tummy, it is enough to set the spinner in motion, the rotation of which causes the blocks to fall out through the pet's mouth.

Another fun option gives hippie feeding with bricks through an open mouth. Setting the spinning top gives a lot of satisfaction and stimulates the baby's motor development.

Playing with the hippie can take a long time toddler, and additionally supports the learning of colors and shapes.

Hipcio Sorter is very massive, and the price is quite affordable about 40 PLN.

The only drawback is probably the spinning top is too loud when there are blocks inside the hippie.

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