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Tako Warrior

Tako Warrior

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When we went for the pram, like a large group of future parents, we had a real confusion. Most models seemed too similar to each other, and those that stood out ... seemed to stand out among others ... only by price. No wonder we had a problem making a choice and we were looking for support from people who theoretically should know the most about prams.

The choice wasn't easy ...

When asked how the product costing four thousand differs from that for two thousand, the seller in the supposedly good store said that actually nothing ... "just a brand". We did not expect such an answer. If he explained that the quality of workmanship, the choice of materials and the use of modern solutions, we would certainly make a different decision. Meanwhile, we bought a rather cheap stroller, which proved to us the thesis that it is rarely profitable to save on children's products.

Three-functional trolley

First of all, we made a mistake typical for parents expecting their first child - we decided on a three-function pram. Following the principle that it is better to have three products in one, we acted greedily. For which we were quickly punished.

Teached that what is for everything is useless, today we would choose one deep pram - large, light and comfortable, suitable for both rocking / lulling at home, as well as walking on various surfaces and secondly - a stroller adapted to the needs sitting child and parents who are more aware of their own expectations.

Tako Warrior review

Tako Warrior is a Polish three-function pram (deep pram, stroller and car seat in one). The gross price of the trolley is PLN 1475.

For this amount we will receive:

  • frame with wheels,
  • a gondola / stroller, and to them: a cover and a canopy with a roof;
  • car seat (for carrying children from birth until the moment they start to weigh 9 kilograms - in practice it often turns out that already a well-seated child does not want to sit rear-facing), cover, adapter (allowing to attach the car seat to the frame, guiding it like a cart), mosquito net,
  • raincover
  • a bag with a travel changing table
  • shopping basket.

Tako stroller is covered by a 12-month warranty. Which customers, as the various examples cited on Internet forums show, quite often use.

Tako Warrior is adapted to the needs of a child weighing 15 kilograms.

Why putty

Because the Tako stroller is far from ideal. Of course, it has its strengths, but their significance is much less than the genre weight of the defects that strongly poison the lives of young parents.
The stroller is rather uncomfortable and not practical. At this price you can look for something better.


  • A large, comfortable gondola that will fit even a larger baby,
  • Good stroller design, well protecting the child from cold and cold wind,
  • The backrest can be folded down into a lying position,
  • The stroller can be mounted front and back to the direction of travel,
  • The truck is manoeuvrable and easy to drive,
  • It has large wheels easily overcoming high curbs and uneven surfaces,
  • The manufacturer provides a wide range of colors.



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