Saint Catherine's Day, April 29. Names for girls

Saint Catherine's Day, April 29. Names for girls

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Catalina is a name for girl of Greek origin which means 'pure' or 'clean', although there is no lack of someone who gives it an origin derived from the goddess Hecate.

In any case, it is a name of great beauty that, without being the most frequent, preserves a long tradition of nobility while maintaining its originality. Celebrate your name day April 29, which is the day of Saint Catherine of Siena, patroness of Europe and Italy.

By the meaning of her name, Catalina implies a strong and energetic character, with extraordinary courage and admirable courage. And is that Catalina has an overwhelming personality that leads her to become a fundamental person both in her circle of friends and in the family environment. What's more, the name Catalina exudes beauty, energy and power.

The name Catalina It is widely used around the world and there are many variants that we find in different languages. In the Slavic languages ​​it appears as Ekaterina, also very close to the Albanian Katrina. However, it is in English where the name of your daughter offers us more possibilities, Katheryn, Catherine, Karen, Kate or Kitty, all of them well known and very popular today.

Did you know that March 24 is also celebrated on Saint Catherine's Day? In this case, it is made in honor of Catherine of Sweden.

Throughout history, many women named Catherine have held power, such as Catherine of Aragon, Catherine of Braganza, Catherine de Medici or the Russian empress Catherine the Great. We also have your daughter's name represented in literature by the writers Catherine Mansfield and Catherine Anne Potter. Although we can't forget about the Hollywood star, Katherine Hepburn.

However, your daughter's name is very topical thanks to British royalty and the figure of Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William of England. A modern day woman who, after the royal wedding, was renamed Catalina, which shows that it is in this variant where the name acquires greater dimension.

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