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Interactive potty Intelligent Potty

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There are many models of potty on the market. The cheapest of them costs around PLN 20. The more complex ones, with extended functionality, cost PLN 200.

Intelligent Potty as new on the Polish market, should be included in the category of Mercedes cars. The product available in the offer of Ceba Beby, the manufacturer of Cebuszki, has been submitted to us for testing.

We took a close look at the product, tested and evaluated it. Review below.

Assumptions, or why this potty?

The child after two seconds after sitting on the potty hears the sound of water flowing down. This sound has stimulate to pee.

When the toddler manages to meet his needs, he is rewarded with a remark previously recorded by his parents (e.g. "Super, dear", "Great!": Praise can be recorded an infinite number of times), then it sounds one of 10 available triumphant melodies. In this way, it is possible to combine learning to use the potty with positive emotions of both the parent and toddler.

Our comments: the potty really gives you the opportunity to record your own messages. As for the available melodies: these are simple sounds that do not impress, but also do not irritate. They can fulfill their function as long as we are convinced of this type of solutions. However, if we were to assess the sound of flushing water, unfortunately it is not well mapped and sounds quite crude. The downside is also the inability to reduce the noise from the potty.

Will the child accept this form of learning? Hard to say. There is a fear that the toddler will be scaredwhen, after sitting down on the potty, he will hear a strange sound, melodies that he did not expect. On the other hand, such an "add-on" can to mobilize him ...


The undeniable advantage of this potty is his ergonomic desing. And here it is really difficult to attach to anything. One can even risk that the producer managed to create an ideal.

The potty is very well contoured, thanks high back baby is really comfortable on it, which translates into the desire to use the product.

A plus is also planning the potty structure removable insertwhich one makes it easy to empty the potty and clean it. Even larger contents flow out when tilted and make cleaning easier for the parent.

The special cover on the front of the potty has been designed for boys. Thanks to it, children can safely use the potty, without fear that something will get outside.

You can also rate high lively and at the same time original colors. The potty is available in ruby, mint, turquoise, milky and lilac.

Is it worth it

There is no doubt that the child is able to learn to control his physiological needs without these types of products. You must also clearly state that no gadget can compensate for the parent's lack of attention and support. Thinking in the category: "this potty will replace me" or in a special way will facilitate my task is at the root of the error. That we will record a few shouts of joy should be treated only as addition to learn chamber potinstead of replacing it. The interactive potty can be useful, for example, when your toddler is being looked after by a grandmother or nanny, i.e. when the parent's enthusiasm cannot be expressed explicitly, and when praise becomes particularly important.

So buy or not?

If we are able to accept the price (PLN 200), it's worth it. Firstly because of the convenience of emptying, secondly because of the shape that makes it easier to use the potty.

However, are these advantages convincing enough to buy this potty? I do not know. Decide for yourself.

What do you think about this potty?