How to roll a can with a balloon. Experiment for children

How to roll a can with a balloon. Experiment for children

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Through experiments with balloons your children can learn several of the fundamental principles of physics while having fun.

And it is that learning through play increases the creativity of children. So take advantage and explain this simple experiment with a simple balloon and an empty soda can.

  • 1 balloon
  • 1 empty soda can
  • 1 mat

Tip: If you don't have a mat handy you can use your own hair to generate electricity with the balloon.

1. Take a balloon and fill it with air.

2. Bring the balloon to a mat and rub it for several seconds to charge it with electricity. You can also do it with your hair.

3. Grab an empty soda can and bring the balloon closer. Gently remove the balloon and you will see how the can begins to roll following you.

Rubbing the balloon produces static electricity. This electricity is responsible for attracting materials with opposite charges such as the metal in the can and the balloon. Therefore, the balloon works like a magnet rolling the can wherever we want.

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