10 famous person names for kids

10 famous person names for kids

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The popular characters They come into our life through the television screen and it is normal for us to notice them when naming the baby. Because they are famous people who are in the spotlight, their names can end up being very familiar.

Famous sportsmen, singers or actors are a great source of inspiration in baby names. That is why we have compiled a list with 10 famous names whose popularity makes us look at them when choosing the best name for our baby.

1. David. It is a name of Hebrew origin that belongs to the biblical tradition. In addition to being one of the most traditional names, its popularity is increasing thanks to famous people such as David Beckham or David Bisbal.

2. Moving away. The name is of Greek origin and is one of the most attractive for children. It is also a frequent name among children and singers such as Alejandro Sanz and Alejandro Fernández have contributed to its popularity.

3. Hugo. This name of Germanic origin whose meaning speaks of intelligence is one of the most charismatic names for boys. Actor Hugo Silva is partly responsible for turning this traditional name into a modern and original name.

4. Iker. It is a name of Basque origin that has enough personality to transcend local borders. In recent years it has swept in popularity and frequency thanks to goalkeeper Iker Casillas, becoming at the same time one of the favorite names for children.

5. Christian. Again a name that has been revitalized thanks to a famous athlete. In this case, it is the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo who has made this name of Greek origin fashionable again, which had a long tradition behind him.

6. Diego. We continue in soccer with stars of the stature of Diego Armando Maradona and Diego Simeone as the architects of the growing popularity of this name of Hebrew origin that maintains an elegant and distinguished touch.

7. Enrique. This name of Germanic origin is a common name for kings, but its popularity has grown in recent years thanks to famous singers such as Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias.

8. Marc. The name has a Latin origin and derives from the Roman god of war, Mars. In all its variants, Marco, Marcos, Marcial, etc. It gives off a sophisticated air, but it is at present and thanks to the figure of the singer Marc Anthony, when it is really gaining positions in the lists of frequent names.

9. Antonio. This name of Etruscan origin and unknown meaning is one of the most popular and traditional names for boys. It belongs to that group of names that maintain a fresh and modern touch despite its use and that have kept celebrities such as Antonio Banderas

10. Francisco. We move away from the entertainment world to focus on this traditional and familiar name of Germanic origin that is experiencing a real revitalization thanks to the figure of Pope Francis.

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