SMIKI educational tablet

SMIKI educational tablet

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At first glance, the SMIKI educational tablet is very similar to a traditional "adult" tablet. It is available in two colors on the market white and black. The main advantage of the product is the fact that the tablet is bilingual Polish - English, so he has a chance to help his child for a long time. Simple Polish versions will make moments 2-4 years old more pleasant, while the English version will appeal to 5 years old and older children perfectly. The tablet contains lots of educational elements. At the very top there are numbers from 1 to 10 and below the letters from A to Ź. Next to each letter is a drawing of an object whose name begins with a given letter and in addition each item is signed (e.g. A - bus drawing and the inscription: Bus).

At the very bottom are functional buttons: melodies, sounds, letter learning, word learning, proper pronunciation, guessing (question of where a letter or thing is), repetition of the task and change of the language from Polish to English. In addition, the tablet on the housing has switch, so you can save battery and adjust the volume. The whole is powered by 3 AA batteries quite solidly protected against an inquisitive toddler.

From a practical point of view, the tablet is really interesting toy, will help in learning numbers, letters and new words not only in Polish but also in English. I liked that very much the tablet also contains Polish characters (ą, ę, ć, ś, ż, ź), which doesn't happen very often in toys. She liked her son very much guessing function, when you ask for a given word or letter, it stimulates you to think and remember.

The tablet is designed for children over 3 years of age, but I think that under the watchful eye of adults a little younger child can also play with it safely.

The price of a toy is PLN 35 (compared with other similar toys), it is not too high, it provides many opportunities for fun and learning, as well as for toddler activities for a long time, e.g. while traveling.

Unfortunately, the toy also has a drawback, some letters are vague (e.g. s sounds similar to t) so you have to listen well. In general, however, the toy fares well.