Trefl Cyferki plus educational game

Trefl Cyferki plus educational game

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Numbers plus is a traditional two-piece jigsaw puzzle. The fun is to match the picture with a given number to the right number of animals. Great fun for children starting their adventure with puzzles, but also for those who want to get to know animals and numbers from 1-10.

The puzzle consists of 20 elements that, after assembling, form 10 pictures. By matching pictures, the child develops theirs mathematical skills, trains manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination. A perfect introduction to the world of animals, numbers and mathematical sets.

The game is intended for children over 3 years old, however, it does not contain small elements and it can easily be played with by two years old. For complete safety, the puzzles were made from hard cardboard painted with organic food paints. Number of players 1+, so a child can arrange elements on their own, for example, when mom prepares dinner or plays together with all the household members.

Price around 25 PLN.

The game gives a lot of great moments of common and, above all, useful fun, but many similar games are available on the market and this time Trefl does not surprise too much with its originality.

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