Stress of the baby in the womb

Stress of the baby in the womb

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We have known for a long time that stress was not good and that when it disrupted the life of a pregnant mother, it could also affect the baby during its development in the womb. However, nothing was known about whether these experiences would have later consequences in the adult life of these babies. There are scientific studies that prove them. The baby can suffer stress in the womb.

Until today it turned out to be a mystery of what pasta were made of people who enviously endure, for many, stress. On the other hand, others feel overwhelmed in any situation of overwhelm and cannot bear the pressure. According to an investigation that has analyzed 25 pregnant women and, subsequently, their children aged 10 and 19, the inability to cope with stress may be related to the stress their mothers suffered during pregnancy. Some of these mothers were victims of gender violence, one of the most distressing and stressful life events that exist, and which, according to the study, transmitted that experience to their children.

Apparently the stress suffered during pregnancy has left a mark on their DNA, producing what is known as epigenetic modification, which is not a mutation, but a change in the expression of the gene that does not produce transformations in the DNA sequence. The gene in question is the so-called glococorticoid receptor (GR), which is linked to behavioral problems and mental illness.

Therefore, if we take into account that the effects of this type of alteration can affect the new being throughout his life, it is worth planning the moment when we get pregnant to carry a gestation as calm and relaxed as possible for the good of our future child. However, sometimes, managing stress does not depend only on us, but on our partner, on the work or family conflicts with which we deal daily.

Therefore, it is important that everyone knows this fact to ensure, as far as possible, always, the well-being of the pregnant woman. And the main contribution of the new study is that behind the imprint that stress leaves on DNA, there is a greater propensity to suffer behavioral problems, mental disorders or a more exaggerated reaction to life events that generate tension .

Other scientific teams studying this phenomenon have found that, in animals, prenatal stress produces changes in development and learning. Pregnancy is a very special situation in the life of the woman, and also of the couple. In the same way that we must take care of ourselves in our diet and we take precautions regarding alcohol, tobacco and medications, we must pay special attention to our emotional and psychological well-being. Take care of yourself and let them take care of you. Your child will appreciate it.

Marisol New.

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