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MiniMini + "Big Family" competition: results

MiniMini + "Big Family" competition: results

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Once again, we did not spare our eyes and did not give us a chance to rest. :) And good.

A lot of emails with creative contest responses were sent to the editor's address. Thank you for all. We decided to highlight the authors of the following three.

The MiniMini + Great Family win:

Once upon a time family elephants
they made a picnic in nature's bosom.
Lively elephants set off into the forest
they took a basket with them and ... noise!
They ran, screamed, trumpeted loudly,
they've made a lot of noise and bustle!
Forest dwellers nod their heads
they quickly hide into minks and houses.
Meanwhile, a family of tiny mice,
which nobody even hears every day,
can teach our elephants,
that it's worth changing your habits sometimes.
Because in the forest - everyone who will hear this story will admit it
be quiet as under a mouse broom!
Żaneta Rakowiec

A nice elephant family which is called the adjective Great, can learn a lot from the Small family of mice. What is important, probably priority as to how to solve small and large problems, I am talking about "how to crack a nut", which can not be chewed. As you can see in everyday life, that small things or short moments are worth remembering. See the worm, see the ladybug, fleeting moments are what the mice see and observe. Grace like a ballerina, so that the words "you move like an elephant in a china shop" become the noblest advantage. Get to know the magic spell which will allow you to hide into the mouse hole and spend a few moments there. Learn the secrets of mouse cuisine, enjoy the taste of cheese soup, catch a yellow delicacy with a fishing rod, play a mouse tag. All this will happen to a big family, which will soon learn the secrets of a mouse family. Joanna Pyzik

A large elephant family can learn from mice how to walk gently. Let's imagine a great family of elephants in the proverbial composition with porcelain! After a few minutes from cups, jugs and cups there was nothing to collect. Mice would sneak around this lineup without violating anything.
Also savings, because what the elephant family eats in one day, the mouse family could feed for 15 years.
In the end, the mice could meet with a large family of elephants and talk about common matters in the matter of fear. As we know, elephants are scared of mice, and after such a nice meeting they would not have to be afraid any more. They would already know how nice creatures are small rodents.
All the above is confirmed by my 4-year-old son Wojtek. Łukasz Kowalczyk