The most popular names in Guatemala for boys

The most popular names in Guatemala for boys

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It is not always easy to name the baby. Some parents find it necessary to continue with the family tradition of a specific name, while others are influenced by the fashions of the moment. However, almost everyone chooses a name that reinforces their child's personality.

In Guatemala they choose familiar names for their children without fanfare. For this reason, in the list of frequent names in this country we find traditional names, some compounds, that are well known to us.

1. Pablo. It is a name of Latin origin that has been transmitted to us thanks to the biblical tradition. Over time, this name has managed to renew itself and return to the lists of frequent names with a fresher and more original touch.

2. Alexander. The name is of Greek origin and is inevitably linked to charisma and history. Courage and courage always accompany this name that continues to be one of the most attractive for children.

3. Pablo José. To the Latin origin of Pablo is added the Hebrew origin of José in one of the most elegant combinations of boy names. Both names work well together, separately or in different compound names, because neither lacks strength and personality.

4. José Alberto. The Hebrew origin of José joins the Germanic origin of Alberto, resulting in one of the compound names for a boy with more personality. The strength of José's tradition only reinforces the touch of distinction that Alberto always brings.

5. Juan Carlos. In this compound name we find a Hebrew origin, in José, together with a Germanic origin, in Carlos. It is one of the compound names that works best in the entire Hispanic world, because it wastes energy and is backed by a long tradition.

6. Michelangelo. The Hebrew origin of Miguel joins the Greek origin of Angel resulting in a compound name for a boy evocative of the most exquisite art. This name cannot be separated from the charismatic character that carried it, so it carries creativity and ingenuity in it.

7. Jorge Luis. This compound results from the combination of a name of Greek origin, Jorge, with another name of Germanic origin, Luis. The union of both reinforces the personality of these two simple names but with a special force.

8. Javier. It is a name of Basque origin with such a personality that it has managed to maintain its popularity outside of fashions and the passage of time. Able to continually renew himself, Javier can appear alone or in combination, forming very familiar compound names.

9. José Antonio. The Hebrew origin of José joins the Etruscan origin of Antonio. It is a very popular combination throughout the Hispanic world because it evokes elegance and distinction. Nor does this compound name lack a force that emanates from the mysterious origin of Antonio.

10. José Andrés. This time, the popular José accompanies a name of Greek origin, Andrés, who stands out for his musicality and simplicity. The result of this combination is a compound name for a boy that stands out for its creativity and a very personal touch.

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