Homemade earring holder. Recycling crafts

Homemade earring holder. Recycling crafts

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Are you looking for an original and homemade gift that children can make for Mother's Day? In We suggest you create an earring holder with ice cream sticks so that mom can put all her earrings in it.

An original and easy-to-do craft with which children can collaborate directly in the elaboration of a detail for their mother.

  • Glue gun
  • Large ice cream sticks
  • Colored eva rubber

1. Glue three triangle-shaped silicone sticks and repeat the process 2 times.

2. Glue colored wooden sticks between the two triangles, they will be the supports for the earrings.

3. Cut out two eva rubber flowers and glue them to one of the corners of the earring holder.

4. Cut out a strip of green foam rubber and wrap it around the other corner. Make a rose with red eva rubber and glue it to the end of the stem.

Video: Handmade Earring Holders by Creatively Cluttered (August 2022).